About Me

Currently living between Bangkok and Washington, DC. Recent International Relations graduate from William & Mary. Soon-to-be federal management consultant. Convalescing from four years on the international Model UN circuit.

Mostly interested in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, but also passionate about refugee issues, secession/contested statehood, aid effectiveness, press freedom, access to education, and a few other policy areas.

The views expressed on this blog are mine alone, and they do not represent those of any organization, business, or government agency with which I am associated. My analysis is opinion, informed by my own observations and research. To the extent possible, my sources are reputable and up-to-date, but I make no claims to flawless accuracy (or clairvoyance).

Right-brained mumbo-jumbo, including poetry, thoughts on art, music that strikes my fancy, lifestyle observations, and feels can be found here.



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